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Not surprisingly, the establishment of a state-sponsored school system of secondary education and the reform of the University of Coimbra drew directly on the recommendations of the old enemies of the Jesuits, the Oratorians and Luis Antonio Verney, the latter by now a paid consultant to the Portuguese government.
We cannot rule our an Oratorian presence in the Marches, if not Urbino, that could have facilitated a connection.
The English Oratorians were understandably dismayed, for their reputation hung, in large measure, on his.
It was not long before Jane Challen found herself back there as Oratorian gave her a first success as an owner.
I now again request that the Oratorian Community in Birmingham be allowed to continue its work without hindrance.
They will go as guests of the Oratorians and, says Sister Felicity, if there's anyone who would like to visit the Cardinal's relics at the convent they are welcome by appointment.
Somerville, the Oratorians did not dispute the ruling of the Ottawa Ordinary and settled where Providence destined them to be, continuing as faithful ministers of the Church in Canada and elsewhere.
Though some of the comments were a little wild, I have to agree with his basic point, and, at the risk of excommunication, wonder why the Oratorian Fathers (who doubtless hire the premises out at a good whack) do not do more to present their marvel of a church as a concert venue which could be comfortable and welcoming as well as awe-inspiring.
Each of the seven chapters in Part One, "Spirtual Combat," is prefaced with an appropriate, and memorable, quotation from Father Robinson's fellow Oratorian Cardinal Newman.
s "spiritual pilgrimage," particularly the important part played by his decision to become a Roman Catholic and his establishment of the Oratorian Congregation in England.
One of the Oratorian Fathers wrote, "Each year, when Holy Week came round, he spent some hours in watching at the Sepulchre, as constantly in his last years as before; and the early morning of his last Good Friday on earth found him in the Chapel of Repose thus employed.
Fr Paul Chavasse, Provost of the Birmingham Oratory and Postulator-General for Oratorian Causes, and Gerard Tracey, archivist at the Oratory, will attend Fr Blehl's funeral in Freiburg today.