Orbital Angular Momentum

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orbital angular momentum

[′ȯr·bəd·əl ′aŋ·gyə·lər mə′men·təm]
The angular momentum associated with the motion of a particle about an origin, equal to the cross product of the position vector with the linear momentum. Also known as orbital momentum.
(quantum mechanics)
The angular momentum operator associated with the motion of a particle about an origin, equal to the cross product of the position vector with the linear momentum, as opposed to the intrinsic spin angular momentum. Also known as orbital moment.

Orbital Angular Momentum


the angular momentum of a microparticle moving in a strong field that has spherical symmetry. The term “orbital angular momentum” is due to the graphic representation of the motion of an atomic electron in a spherically symmetric field of the nucleus in a definite closed orbit.

According to quantum mechanics, the orbital angular momentum MI is quantized, that is, its value, as well as its projection on an axis arbitrarily selected in space (z-axis), can assume only certain discrete values:

where is Planck’s constant, l = 0, 1, 2, …is the azimuthal (orbital) quantum number, and m = l, l — 1, … , — l is the magnetic quantum number. The classification of the states of microparticles according to the values of l plays a major role in atomic theory, in the theory of the atomic nucleus, and in collision theory.


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By equating the orbital angular momentum of the planet and the rotational angular momentum of the central body one can obtain the relations similar to (25-28) for Type II planets at k = 1/3:
The resulting fits are evidence that the quantization of orbital angular momentum per unit mass is an important phys ical factor in planetary systems and should not be ignored in studies of their formation, stability, and evolution.
their orbital angular momentum vectors point in different directions.
Such solar systems can be expected to have an additional planet and/or the equivalent of an Oort Cloud that contributes significant orbital angular momentum.
We remark hereto the fact that of all planets in the solar system, except the Earth, the orbital angular momentum of the satellite is a small fraction of the rotational angular momentum of the planet.
This result is just the hyperbolic-space generalization of the standard decomposition of the Laplace operator in spherical coordinates in terms of the radial derivatives plus a term containing the square of the orbital angular momentum operator [L.
One potential property is orbital angular momentum, the twistiness of a light beam.
obtain from TMDs information on quark Orbital Angular Momentum (OAM).
To make the whole process more efficient, the protocol uses pairs of photons that are "hyperentangled" - simultaneously entangled in more than one property, in this case in polarization and in orbital angular momentum - with a restricted number of possible states in each variable.
Orbital angular momentum also has a magnitude and a direction.
Widely studied in molecular biology, atomic physics and quantum optics, optical vortices (also known as orbital angular momentum, or OAM, beams) were thought to be unstable in fiber, until BU Engineering Professor Siddharth Ramachandran recently designed an optical fiber that can propagate them.