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trademark for an acrylic fiber available in filaments (long single strands) or staples (bundles of short fibers). Orlon is resistant to sunlight and atmospheric gases, which makes it ideal for awnings and other outdoor uses. It is also characterized by stability, resistance to shrinkage, a soft, warm feel, and good drapability. The filaments have a high tensile strength that is almost as good when wet as dry. The fibers have good elasticity and low moisture absorption. Orlon is resistant to chemicals, chiefly acids, and it has the ability to withstand high temperatures, which makes it suitable for various industrial uses. Other uses for the filament include evening wear, sports fabrics, and rainwear. The staple fiber is used in bulky suiting fabric, overcoatings and topcoatings, dress fabrics, knitted wear, and washable woven sportswear.
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Though most weavers have long adopted synthetic fibers like orlon, which considerably shorten and simplify their work, those only marginally involved in weaving, or those weaving for themselves, may still use wool, if only because they own sheep.
Its control over nylon, Orlon acrylic, and Dacron polyester rested on its willingness to invest in research and development, a strategy ignored by American Viscose and Celanese.
I once spent two weeks teaching human students about the Norsemen: we wrote epics, built miniature dragon ships, wrapped ourselves in fuzzy Orlon blankets, and drank warned ginger ale from my Aunt Rose's pink plastic goblets.
Manufacturing Processes: Dry, Needled, Spray Bonded, Glazed, Air Laid, Carded, Composites, Laminated, Thermal Bonded Fibers: Rayon, PET, Cotton, Orlon Thickness: 2 1/2 mils-1000 mils Weights: 12 gpsy-10 opsy Widths: Up to 96 in.
PHOTO : casual dresses were colorful and fun like this trio of orlon jersey knits.
Waneeta has twin daughters named Polly and Esther and boys named Orlon, Rayon (Ray) and Dacron (Dack).
From Du Pont's labs came a seemingly endless flow of innovative products - among them cellophane, neoprene, nylon, Orlon, Dacron, Teflon, and Lycra - that have sparked a veritable revolution in American material culture.
With evident enthusiasm, Bindell talks about a recent "best buy" he offered members on Orlon socks.
The field socks use a blend of ORLON, THERMAX and a core spun blend of cotton and LYCRA for both warmth and comfort while the Extreme Weather Socks use the HIGH TREK blend of wool, ORLON and HOLLOFIL for a better degree of heat retention.
Tritin Ltd, Unit 23, Stapledon Road, OrLon Southgate, Peterborough, Cambs PE2 6TD.
As a young industrial engineer working for Dupont de Nemours during the mid-1960s, Bob Prakken introduced the company's first standard costing and budgeting system outside the USA for the Orlon, Lycra and Delrin factories in the Netherlands.
Once the finishing point has been reached, the hot syrup must be filtered through clean wool or orlon to help remove any sugar sand or other suspended particles, and to improve the appearance.