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see Brace, Charles LoringBrace, Charles Loring,
1826–90, American clergyman and social reformer, b. Litchfield, Conn. America's pioneer children's advocate, he founded (1853) the Children's Aid Society of New York, an organization that established modern methods in child welfare.
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Based on her research, she depicts the fictional journey of Niamh, who, sent to the Children's Aid Society when her family is burned in a New York tenement fire, is put on an orphan train bound for the Midwest.
Orphan Train Girl appears in an edition tailored for young adult readers from middle school on up as it follows the story of an orphan train girl, Molly, who has been shipped between foster homes for her entire life due to bad behavior.
Many nonfiction stories have centered around the evolution of the orphan train, but this literary fictional treatment of the orphan train experience is different, returning a New York Times best-selling story to new eyes and adding and extended scene to expand and enhance the story of a young Irish immigrant sent by rail from New York City to lead a new life in a new world, returning to her origins later in life to build a home on the shattered pieces of her life.
They offer Tabitha a choice: stay in Five Points or board the orphan train and go West in search of a new life.
The story is chronicled and almost romanticized today by Riders on the Orphan Train, the outreach program of the National Orphan Train Complex.
The YoungElites by Marie Lu - dazzling world-building that really shows off the author's Next on the reading pile are Orphan Train by Christina Baker Kline and All The Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr.
Sarasotans are reading the novel Orphan Train, thanks to the library system's choice of the book as a community project, and author Christina Baker Kline is coming to town to speak and sign copies.
Shaw, "Corporate Escape: The Rise of the New Entrepreneur" by Maite Baron, "Saving Superman" by Kathleen Sales," and "Last Train Home: An Orphan Train Story " by Renee Wendinger.
After a tenement fire claims the lives of her Irish-immigrant parents and she and her siblings Mattie and Molly are sent west for adoption on the infamous Orphan Train.
Wildflowers: The First Story in the Orphan Train Trilogy
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The orphan train children later told their stories.