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Assign students one of the sample orthographic projections.
In Part 2 of this activity, the teacher will select a mechanical object that has been drafted as an orthographic projection.
Explain the reason for the location of views on an object in an orthographic projection.
Apply the conventions of an orthographic projection to create an accurate model.
This has a practical implication as orthographic projection theory forms the core of the curriculum in technical graphics.
Even in a 3D scenario, the end result is 2D orthographic projections arranged and noted on paper.
Scarpa condenses conventional categories -- sketch, working, shop and presentation drawings -- onto single sheets with meticulously drafted orthographic projections worked and reworked in many freehand layers and surrounded by sketches of perspective views and construction details.
Mylar film or drafting vellum can be used to draw orthographic projections of the casting to better visualize all elevations.