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Osborne House,

a favorite residence of Queen Victoria, near East Cowes, on the Isle of Wight, S England. The queen died there in 1901. The state apartments are open to the public.
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It has an Italianate tower similar to that of Osbourne house, and boasts a helicopter pad, gym, cinema and staff quarters.
Osbourne House is on our right before we reach a left hand bend where three farms comprise the hamlet of Gerrick.
The baronial five bedroom Osbourne House is equally as impressive.
For more information on opportunities at Pilot Business Park, contact David Penn at Shortland Penn and Moore, Osbourne House, Queen Victoria Road, Coventry, on 024 7623 2970.
We discover the highlights as we travel to see the Needles, Godshill and Osbourne House, Queen Victoria's favourite holiday home.
Nearby attractions include the Dinosaur farm museum and Osbourne House, and for those opting for the week commencing July 31, there's the additional appeal of Cowes Week - the UK's top sailing regatta.
1846 Queen Victoria and Prince Albert moved into Osbourne House on the Isle of Wight.
While in ordinary families it's usually the dad who asks the children to be quiet, in the Osbourne house it's 19-year-old Jack telling Ozzy, 56, to pipe down.
Packed with history and heritage, there are castles, abbeys and stately homes - none finer than Queen Victoria's famous seaside home, Osbourne House.
For more information on Moreton House in Nuneaton, contact David Bullard at Shortland Penn and Moore, 7 Osbourne House, Queen Victoria Road, Coventry, on 024 7623 2970.
I love Osbourne House and hope to visit, although I don't really have a moment (to spare) on tour.
1878: A new invention, the "telephone" was demonstrated for Queen Victoria at Osbourne House on the Isle of Wight.