Oscar I

Oscar I,

1799–1859, king of Sweden and Norway (1844–59), son and successor of Charles XIV. His reign was one of social and economic advance. His book on the reform of criminal law and prisons had wide influence. Oscar was succeeded by his elder son, Charles XV.
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DENVER--(BUSINESS WIRE)--April 22, 1998--The United Artists Theatre Group today announced that its parent company, Oscar I Corporation ("Oscar I"), has completed the offering of $225 million of its fixed rate Senior Subordinated Notes due April 15, 2008 and the offering of $50 million of its Floating Rate Senior Subordinated Notes due October 15, 2007.
The fixed and floating-rate notes are callable at the option of Oscar I after five years and one year, respectively, at specified premiums to par, which decline over time.
Oscar I also entered into a new $450 million bank credit facility.