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1991, "Mechanism of oxidation of reducing sugars by Osmium tetraoxide in alkaline medium by the stopped flow technique" Carbohydrate Research, 211, 235-243.
Samples were then washed in Sorenson's Phosphate Buffer (SPB) and stored in 1% osmium tetraoxide for two hours.
3 buffer solution), postfixed with osmium tetraoxide at 1% (v/v), and placed in dehydration slides with ethanol and amilum acetate, followed by a critical point desiccation process with C[O.
Briefly, glass or plastic coverslips containing the adherent bacteria were postfixed with 1% osmium tetraoxide, dehydrated by sequential ethanol concentrations, dried to critical point, and coated with a mixture of gold and paladium (27).
After being immersed in Karnovsky's fixative, tissue samples for transmission electron microscopy (TEM) were rinsed in 1% osmium tetraoxide, dehydrated by graded series of ethanol, and finally embedded in epon.