Outer Mongolia

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Outer Mongolia:

see MongoliaMongolia
, republic (2015 est. pop. 2,977,000), 604,247 sq mi (1,565,000 sq km), N central Asia; historically known as Outer Mongolia. Bordered on the west, south, and east by China and on the north by Russia, it comprises more than half the historical region of Mongolia; the
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, republic.

Mongolia, Outer


the northern part of Mongolia, seized by the Manchu conquerors in the late 17th century. They called the region Outer Mongolia in contrast to southern, or Inner Mongolia, which had been conquered earlier. An independent Mongolian people’s state arose in Outer Mongolia in 1921. The Mongolian People’s Republic was formed in 1924.

Outer Mongolia

desert wasteland between Russia and China; figuratively and literally remote. [Geography: Misc.]
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A big settlement of Tibetans was formed in Ikh Khuree, the capital of Outer Mongolia.
The Russian revolution and civil war afforded Chinese warlords an opportunity to re-establish their rule in Outer Mongolia, and Chinese troops were dispatched there in 1919.
Salz, a cultural anthropologist, adventurer and journalist, has ridden with the Khampa tribesmen of Tibet, the gauchos of Argentina, the Turkestani Khazaks of the Celestial Mountains of China and the nomads of Outer Mongolia.
With the exception of one portrait, the photographs capture theatrically staged compositions in which, as in the films, the lavishly costumed figures stand out against backgrounds as diverse as industrial landscapes, craggy shorelines, and the green steppes of Outer Mongolia.
Trekking uphill in Outer Mongolia with way too much gear.
We're market leader in Outer Mongolia," says Orr proudly, "between that and our success in Nepal, we think we're really onto something," adds president and CEO Stephen DeWitt.
The press covered Woodstock as though it were taking place in Outer Mongolia.
He's probably already on his way to Outer Mongolia to take up his duties as second secretary
Born in 1644, he was the son of the chieftain of the Western Mongols (Kalmuks or Dzungars) Eleventh tribe; aspired to re-create the Mongol empire in Central Asia; conquered Kashgar (Kaxgar) and later all of Turkestan (1679); became khan of the Dzungars, or Western Mongols; invaded Outer Mongolia and routed the Eastern Mongols (1687); attempted to gain an alliance with the Russians but was frustrated by Chinese diplomacy; invaded Outer Mongolia again at the head of 30,000 men, but was defeated outside Ulan Bator (Ulaanbaatar) by a Chinese army of 80,000 under the personal command of Ch'iang Emperor K'ang-hsi; defeated again by Chinese troops led by the Emperor at Jao Modo in Turkestan (Urga, Uzbek S.
And whether it's the wilds of Canada, the isolated Hungarian countryside or deepest outer Mongolia, Ben Fogle is going to spend some time with them.

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