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Microsoft's flagship mail client and personal information manager. Outlook is available for Windows desktops and mobiles as well as the Mac, iOS and Android. It includes a PIM, calendaring, to-do list and groupware functions and also provides a journaling capability for keeping track of hourly billing. Outlook can be the mail client to a Microsoft Exchange server or any other mail server hosted by an ISP.

Outlook Express was a lite version of Outlook for e-mail only that used to come with Windows. Express was enhanced and renamed (see Windows Live Mail).

Outlook on the Web
For companies that host their mail on Microsoft Exchange servers, Outlook on the Web lets users access their e-mail, contacts and calendar via a Web browser without having to run an Outlook client program. Outlook on the Web was formerly Exchange Web Connect (EWC), Outlook Web Access and Outlook Web App (OWA). See Outlook file types, Outlook.com, Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft Office.

The Universal Inbox
The pane on the left shows all the functions in this earlier Outlook client. (Screen shot courtesy of Microsoft.)
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IT administrators benefit from a seamless, low-impact e-mail archival process: Such a solution simplifies the complexities of Exchange data management by seamlessly integrating with Exchange servers and Outlook clients.
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This mini-application, in combination with PlanPlus for Microsoft Outlook and PlanPlus for Microsoft Windows, marries the millions of Microsoft customers with the renowned FranklinCovey planning principles that have helped businesses and individuals for years to better focus and execute on their highest priorities.
Some of the major features and enhancements included in Outlook 2007 include:
FranklinCovey has had a long-standing relationship with Microsoft and we are pleased to update our applications for Windows Vista compliance to significantly enhance the functionality of both Microsoft Office Outlook and Windows for individuals and teams," said Jeff Anderson, Senior Vice President of Product Management for FranklinCovey.
Competitive Power Generation and Merchant Traders: Credit outlook is stable to positive, reflecting narrowing power capacity reserve margins, a trend that favors profitability and operating cash flow for owners of existing capacity.
Dozens of usability improvements requested by customers including adding date/time stamped notes to contact files, upgraded appearance to mesh with Outlook 2003/2007, ability to re-size company and opportunity windows, and new Sales Data Importing Wizard.
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In fact, P&G recently raised its outlook for the bottom line based on a better commodity and energy cost environment for the balance of its fiscal year with fiscal 2007 operating margins expected to improve by 100bps with less commodity cost increases.
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Fitch believes the 2007 operating outlook for the IT services industry is stable with a negative bias as several issuers present a mixed credit outlook.