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(in Russian, zastava). (I) An element for the security of troops on the march (advance parties, flank parties, and rear parties) and for the security of troops at rest (outpost supports and detached outpost supports). The mission of the outpost is to prevent unexpected attacks by the enemy and deep penetration by its ground reconnaissance and to ensure the troops it protects favorable conditions for deployment and combat.

(2) A border outpost is an organic unit of border troops protecting a specified sector of the state frontier.

(3) In the 16th through the 19th centuries the entrance or exit point of a city that was guarded by sentries and where documents were checked and tariffs collected was called the zastava.

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The residents of the town fear that the outpost will be turned into a settlement that will expand at the expense of the Palestinian territories.
The outpost is an extension of the barangay hall, which is also situated on the street corner.
The police outpost and the car - both have been damaged in this accident.
We are very pleased to partner with Takeda in the creation of Outpost Medicine, said Tachi Yamada, M.
The Israeli group Peace Now reported on Wednesday that those two outposts were the first created since 2005 and that both are highly supported by Israeli authorities.
Summary: Israel's Benjamin Netanyahu has capitulated to heavy pressure from the settler lobby to find ways of legalizing settlement outposts built on private Palestinian land, Haaretz newspaper said Tuesday.
The outpost, which falls under Sakra police station, has two rooms on each floor and a lockup.
Legally the outposts are just like the 121 settlements (namely, they are all illegal), only the outposts were built following the 1993 Oslo accords, and, as opposed to the settlements, which are now home to close to half a million Jews or about 7 percent of Israel's citizenry, almost all the outposts are extremely sparsely populated with less than a dozen people in each one.
Sources told Pajhwok Afghan News that Taliban seized the explosives and artilleries found at the outpost first before blowing it up.
This includes existing users of Outpost, but also an extraordinarily high percentage -- nearly 50 percent -- of new users testing Outpost for the first time," said Mikhail Penkovsky, global vice president of Sales and Marketing at Agnitum.
When Tim was three, his Christian missionary parents moved him and his two brothers to a small medical mission outpost in rural Ethiopia.
Milwaukee-based Outpost Natural Foods Cooperative has been named a Top Ten Small Business for 2005 by the Waukesha County Chamber of Commerce and Small Business Times Magazine.