Output Quota

Output Quota


a quantity of production units (or operations) that must be produced (or completed) during a time unit (hour, shift, or month), under defined organizational and technological conditions, by a single worker or group of workers possessing the appropriate skills. Depending on the type of work, an output quota can be expressed in pieces or in units of length, area, volume, or weight.

Output quotas are calculated using the formula Q = T‧N/t, where Q is the output quota, T is the duration (in hours or minutes) of the time period for which the output quota is being established, N is the number of workers taking part in the operation, and t is the time rate for a given operation or time per article, expressed in man-hours or man-minutes.

In the USSR output quotas are generally used in mass production and large-series production, where the number of operators and the type of operation remain constant for the duration of a whole work shift. The use of output quotas is especially widespread in the coal industry, in the metallurgical, chemical, and food-processing industries, and in mass production sections in machine-building enterprises. Output quotas must be technically well grounded. In establishing output quotas, the latest achievements of process and industrial engineering are used, and advanced production experience is called upon. This assures a progressive level of output quotas. The establishment of technically based output quotas orients socialist enterprises and their workers toward achieving a level of labor productivity that is higher than the existing average level.


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In addition, output quota for each of the 14 members will be finalized at OPEC's next meeting in Nov-16.
The OPEC decided to maintain its collective output quota at 30 million barrels a day at the Nov.
OPEC decided in November not to lower its output quota, sending prices tumbling lower on the expectation that without intervention from OPEC, it could take months or years for the global glut of oil to shrink, Wall Street Journal reported on Monday.
Libya will seek to increase its oil output quota within the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (Opec) once it is sure it can produce 1.
On 14 June an OPEC meeting will be held concerning the increase of oil output quota.
The emirate has been pumping around three million barrels per day (bpd), even when its Opec output quota was just 2.
The figure from the IEA agency representing major oil consuming nations includes output from Iraq, which is not part of OPEC's official output quota because of unrest in the country.
1, 2007 became the 12th member of OPEC, now has an OPEC output quota of 1.
During the Iran-Iraq war in the 1980s OPEC meetings were dominated by Iraq demanding an output quota equal to Iran's.
NEW DELHI: OPEC will not change its output quota at its next meeting on Oct.
Iran was thus shrugging off repeated Saudi calls on OPEC members for greater compliance with their output quota obligations.
Indonesia has suspended membership and will leave the cartel at the end of 2008, while Iraq does not have an output quota because of the country's post-war strife.