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Owens Lake:

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river, c.120 mi (190 km) long, rising in the Sierra Nevada, E Calif., SE of Yosemite National Park and flowing SE, to enter Owens Lake, near Mt. Whitney. Since 1913, at a point c.
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, river, California.
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Last glacial maximum and Holocene lake levels of Owens Lake, eastern California, USA.
Swansea in California was once a booming "silver town" on the eastern shore of Owens Lake and owed its success to silver-mining operations in the nearby Cerro Gordo Mines in the late 1860s.
Fremont which left from Bent's Fort on the Oregon Trail met up with Walker and Richard Owens in 1844, and it was Fremont who named Owens River, Owens Valley and Owens Lake in honor of Owens' abilities.
The Owens Lake Farm Management Team, a consortium of firms including Barnard Construction, was found by auditors on one contract to have charged rates about 10 percent higher than rates submitted in its proposal.
Owens Lake, once a hundred square miles in size, lay in the 1890s "like a vast lidless eye" in the desert basin.
Some of these tainted dusts can be traced back to specific, polluted sources, such as California's Owens Lake (SN: 10/6/01, p.
Think about what happened to Owens Lake when Los Angeles diverted its water," says Hughes, referring to the water controversy that inspired the classic film Chinatown.
Inter-basin water transfers have desiccated the Aral inland sea and dried up Owens Lake in California.
Owens Lake is expected to hold out for a personal appearance by the original Batmobile piloted by the only real and true Catwoman: Eartha Kitt.
Anyone could just look at the desert that had once been Owens Lake, 120 miles to the south, to see where Mono Lake was headed.
continues engineering-and-permitting activities on a 600K-st/yr soda-ash plant at Owens Lake, Calif.