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The process of treating, impregnating, or combining with ozone.



the use of ozone in the purification and deodorization of air and water. Air is ozonized by installing ozonators where perishable goods are processed and stored, for example, in canneries and meat-processing plants; sometimes ozonators are used in crowded premises. Water is sterilized by saturation with ozonized air in special reservoirs, or sterilizers; a major advantage in using this method is the elimination of any residue that may be found in the water. The term “ozonization” is occasionally employed to refer to the use of ozone as a chemical oxidizing agent.

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So that the temperature of the ozonization system could be equalized, the re-circulation of the aqueous solution of the column was bonded to the circulation of the sampled liquid in the gauge cell of the dissolved ozone.
Thus, liquid re-circulation had only slight affects on the ozonization process within the operational conditions of current research.
On the other hand, ozone decomposition occurred during the ozonization of a more concentrated solution, 27 mg [L.
The uniformity in size and shape for soy polyol foams improves with ozonization (Fig.
ozonization of polymers and chemical grafting, because the formation of peroxide and hydroperoxide sites on the polymer chains leads to grafting of monomers, avoiding the use of commercial peroxides.
The reactor of ozonization or the column of fluidization is made up of two cylindrical tubes of 50-mm and 100-mm diameters.
The radical mechanism describing the ozonization of polyethylene is given by Kefeli et al.
1 g) is too small since the ozonization in mass is less homogene ous than the ozonization in solution.
Experimental Conditions of the Ozonization Reaction
However, the ozonization of polymers being an exothermic reaction, we underlined the differences of behavior between HDPE and LDPE treated under the same experimental conditions but without thermal regulation.
Activation of HDPE by ozonization followed by grafting in bulk of comonomers leads to graft copolymers that act as compatibilizers in such blends.
Tenders are invited for Design, Fabrication, Supply Erection, Commissioning & Performance Testing Of Ozonization Plant For Ozone Generation Of 2.