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HOC6H4CH2CH2NH2 A crystalline compound with a melting point of 164-165°C; soluble in water and boiling alcohol; used in medicine as an adrenergic drug. Also known as tyrosamine.



(4-hydroxyphenylethylamine; HOC6H4CH2CH2NH2), an organic substance; one of the biogenic amines.

Tyramine is found in ergot, decaying tissues, and cheese. A toxic substance, tyramine is physiologically active: because of its vasoconstrictor effect, it increases blood pressure and influences processes of excitation and inhibition in the nervous system. It is formed from the amino acid tyrosine under the action of bacterial decarboxylases, particularly in the case of putrefactive processes in the intestines of humans and other mammals. Excess tyramine in the body is rendered harmless through oxidation by monoamine oxidase.


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