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1. a measure of length equal to the average length of a stride, approximately 3 feet
2. any of the manners in which a horse or other quadruped walks or runs, the three principal paces being the walk, trot, and canter (or gallop)
3. a manner of moving, natural to the camel and sometimes developed in the horse, in which the two legs on the same side of the body are moved and put down at the same time
4. Architect a step or small raised platform

landing, pace, stair landing

The horizontal platform at the end of a stair flight or between two flights of stairs.


A seldom-used term for stair landing.


A CPU based on the Nova design, but with 16-bit addressing, more addressing modes and a 10 level stack (like the Intel 8008).
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PACI is currently running F5 BIG-IP Local Traffic Manager
PACI, however, has taken note that young Omanis are keen on taking up traditional crafts and has sought the cooperation of the Ministry of Education to introduce crafts in school curricula.
As indicated by Commissioner Everson and the PACI report, the IRS continues to prioritize enforcing the ban on political intervention.
All 13 in the PACI group had complete carotid occlusion on portable Doppler (nine of which were confirmed on colour duplex Doppler and two more by digital subtraction angiography).
Joining PACI and implementing its compliance initiative is part of our commitment to the stakeholders who rely on ACADEMI to maintain the highest ethical and moral standards while operating in high risk, high threat environments," said Jack Quinn, former White House Counsel to President Clinton and ACADEMI independent director and Governance Committee member.
PACI is based on a modular architecture, giving service providers a choice to deploy the complete solution or select components which can be integrated with existing solutions.
It also highlighted the specialized study that was conducted by PACI, in collaboration with the "cancelled" Ministry of National Economy.
Shaikha Aisha bint Khalfan al Siyabiyah, Chairperson of the Public Authority for Craft Industries (PACI), yesterday chaired the joint introductory meeting between PACI and the Public Authority for Manpower Register (PAMR).
The procedures came after PACI has analyzed the gaps at the system for collecting the contributions.
PACI Director General Musaad Al-Asousi, in a statement, attributed increase to a recommendation by State Audit Bureau (SAB) which noted that cost of issuing a new Civil ID exceeded KD 4.
Oman represented by PACI and Kuwait also participated as observers.
The meeting touched on the efforts being exerted by PACI to promote this sector.