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see polybrominated biphenylpolybrominated biphenyl
or PBB,
any of a group of organic compounds used as a fire retardant. In 1973 several thousand pounds of PBB were accidentally mixed with livestock feed that was later distributed to farms in W central Michigan. Some 1.
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The AO25 Memorandum Circular (MC) 2016-1 prescribes the criteria and conditions for the grant of PBB for FY 2016.
Mateo acknowledged it and admitted that the DepEd has "encountered challenges in the requirements for the grant of PBB" - some of which are factors that the department addressed in compliance with the PBB requirements for FY 2017.
Among interested parties, TCB has had the most extensive discussions with PBB, the source added.
04 as of December 18, 2017, and the value per share for a PBB Bancorp shareholder is USD 19.
PBB Bancorp is the parent company of Premier Business Bank and its community bank divisions, Premier Bank of Palos Verdes and First Mountain Bank.
PBB were able to track Casey's transfusion to Ishka - a three and a half year-old Golden Retriever Labrador cross who has donated blood four times to date to help her fellow canines.
In the present study, we investigated the association between PBB and PCB exposure and thyroid function among individuals in the Michigan PBB Registry with the addition of key biologic measures assessed using more sensitive methods than those used in previous investigations, including current serum PBB, PCB, and lipid concentrations; circulating thyroid hormone concentrations; and in a subset, urinary iodine concentrations.
Implementing PBB is a process, not an event, and must be phased to suit the national agenda.
Trial 1 aimed to determine a suitable level of PBB to replace the concentrate using an in vitro gas test.
From the outset it was agreed that the two-day training programme developed for facilitators needed to reflect the principles of adult learning (Merriam and Bierema, 2013) that underpin the PBB resource pack created by Nottingham City Care Partnership (Wilson, 2013).
STADA applied to the PBB in April 2005 for the registration of the generic version in the FBR and also requested a pricing for it.
Far East experts PBB Global Logistics/Livingstone International will led the mission and will arrange one-on-one meetings between potential business partners.