portable hard drive

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portable hard drive

(1) See USB drive.

(2) A magnetic disk drive that plugs into a USB, FireWire or eSATA port on a computer. Used for backup, secondary storage as well as transport, portable hard drives rival the capacity of many internal hard drives.

Portable Vs. Desktop Drives
External drives for stationary desktop use are larger than the portable drives used for transport. In addition, USB desktop drives typically require power from the wall, whereas portable hard drives can be powered from the USB connection. See USB drive kit and SATA.

Portable USB Hard Disk
Plugging into the computer's USB port and deriving all power from the USB, Iomega's 7-ounce eGo drives provide up to 500GB for backup, auxiliary storage and transport. (Image courtesy of Iomega Corporation.)

Portable and Rugged
With capacities up to 500GB, this LaCie portable drive's rubber sleeve and internal rubber bumpers absorb the shock if dropped up to six feet. It also plugs into both USB and FireWire. (Image courtesy of LaCie USA, www.lacie.com)

External Desktop Drive
With up to 2TB of storage, this LaCie desktop drive plugs into the USB port. Although they can be easily unplugged and moved, at 2.5 pounds, drives such as these are designed for stationary use. (Image courtesy of LaCie USA, www.lacie.com)

The RAMAC: World's First Hard Disk
This was breakthrough technology when introduced by IBM in 1956. It held a whopping 5MB and weighed a ton (see RAMAC). (Image courtesy of IBM.)
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PC Card Drive can store 40 Mb and--because of the size of its cartridge (slightly bigger than a credit card)--is emerging as one of the most popular "midget" portable storage drives.
Iomega has also just begun shipping the PC Card drive version of its Clik
8-inch removable PC Card drive slides into the Type II slot found on the sides of laptops, PDAs and other digital gear -- allowing users to share or save files between devices.
PC card drive, which finally began shipping on June 17, and component shortages which limited sales of its Zip 100 and Zip 250 drives.
The netBook features a full VGA high-quality colour touch screen and supports a PC card drive plus an additional slot for either a compact flash card or disk drives for large data storage requirements, such as IBM's 1 gigabyte (GB) Microdrive(TM), the world's smallest hard disk drive.
now offers a PC Card drive as a replacement for the popular and recently discontinued Iomega(R) Jaz(R) Drive.
Other Adtron VME products include a dual slot Type I/II/III PC card drive.
TM) PC Card drive fits inside the PC Card slot on most laptops and comes ready to use - no cables, batteries or software required for compatibility with Windows(R) 98 or 2000.
TM) PC Card drive, a credit card-sized drive that fits into the PC Card slots of most notebook computers; and the ZipCD(TM) CD-RW drive, a CD-ReWritable drive for archiving and recording original audio, digital photography and other valuable content.
PC Card drive users the ability to transfer information not only between laptops, but now from laptop to desktop and desktop to laptop.
TM) PC Card drive was the recipient of the Mobility Award for the best mobile storage device at the Sixth Annual Mobile Insights Conference.
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