Portable Document Format

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portable document format

[¦pörd·ə·bəl ‚däk·yə·mənt ′fȯr‚mat]
(computer science)
A computer file format for publishing and distributing electronic documents (text, image, or multimedia) with the same layout, formatting, and font attributes as in the original. The files can be opened and viewed on any computer or operating system; however, special software is required. Abbreviated PDF.

Portable Document Format

(file format)
(PDF) The native file format for Adobe Systems' Acrobat. PDF is the file format for representing documents in a manner that is independent of the original application software, hardware, and operating system used to create those documents. A PDF file can describe documents containing any combination of text, graphics, and images in a device-independent and resolution independent format. These documents can be one page or thousands of pages, very simple or extremely complex with a rich use of fonts, graphics, colour, and images.


["The Portable Document Format Reference Manual", Adobe systems, Inc. Addison-Wesley Publ. Co., ISBN: 0-201-62628-4].
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If you prefer to have your output as a series of JPG images, you'll receive one image for each page of your PDF file.
There are several different ways to create a PDF file.
In addition, it permits image editing and/or replacement within the native PDF file.
All Arctic PDF files are also available via links from their records in AINA's ASTIS database.
PDF Files -- UBCC allows for complete, automatic background conversion of all reports and forms to PDF electronic format, meaning the user can implement a "paperless electronic file cabinet" in his or her office.
The option to apply notes or text comes in extremely handy for all PC users plagued by requests to fill-in forms, as users can actually save these into the PDF file.
PDF bookmarks - appear as editable 'hyperlinks' in a content table on the left of your PDF file.
Regardless of deployment method, Acrobat Elements Server provides IT administrators the flexibility and power to control the nature of PDF files generated by certain departments, or the entire company, to ensure they meet specific document generation requirements.
Developers build extensions to Acrobat; users easily distribute PDF files to Windows, MAC, and UNIX systems via email, Web, and CD.
The Job Option box tells the Acrobat Distiller how to create the PDF file by including basic instructions, such as resolution of the final file, the page size, compression, font embedding, RGB or CMYK color space, color profiling information, overprinting specifications, transfer functions, and other required details.
It is not a how-to, but a detailed presentation of issues, concepts, and strategies applicable to generating high quality PDF files.
To fix it, find a PDF file, hold the shift key and right-click the file's icon, then choose Open With.