PET scan

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PET scan

(pĕt) or

positron emission tomography

(pŏz`ĭtrŏn' ĭmĭsh`ən təmŏg`rəfē), a medical imaging technique that monitors metabolic, or biochemical, activity in the brain and other organs by tracking the movement and concentration of a radioactive tracer injected into the bloodstream. The technique uses special computerized imaging equipment and rings of detectors surrounding the patient to record gamma radiationgamma radiation,
high-energy photons emitted as one of the three types of radiation resulting from natural radioactivity. It is the most energetic form of electromagnetic radiation, with a very short wavelength (high frequency).
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 produced when positrons (positively charged particles) emitted by the tracer collide with electrons.

PET scans are especially valuable in imaging the brain. They are used in medicine to diagnose brain tumors and strokes, and to locate the origins of epileptic activity; in psychiatry to examine brain function in schizophreniaschizophrenia
, group of severe mental disorders characterized by reality distortions resulting in unusual thought patterns and behaviors. Because there is often little or no logical relationship between the thoughts and feelings of a person with schizophrenia, the disorder has
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, bipolar disorderbipolar disorder,
formerly manic-depressive disorder
or manic-depression,
severe mental disorder involving manic episodes that are usually accompanied by episodes of depression.
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, and other mental illnesses; and in neuropsychology to study such brain functions and capabilities as speech, reading, memory, and dreaming.

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The solution is to combine the findings of a PET scan with those of a conventional imaging study (usually a CT scan) that can provide detailed anatomical information.
For the study, more than 200 participants nearing death (including both participants with suspected Alzheimer's disease and those without known dementia) and who were willing to donate their brain underwent MRI and florbetaben PET scan.
We now have a PET scan that uses ligands that were originally used to label the [amyloid] plaques at autopsy," Dr.
Unfortunately, PET scans are used primarily when other examinations cannot tell dementias apart, so it is vital that they are effective.
He said a PET scan could often detect very early changes, whereas a computed tomography (CT) scan or magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scan detect a little later as the disease begins to cause changes in the structure of organs or tissues.
And he said the Assembly Government should ensure that HCW reviews its PET scan policy and "urgently review the framework within which the HCW operates".
Stella Ahier, unit manager for the Birmingham PET Centre, tests the scanner on Martyn Beckett, Head of Statics for Alliance Medical Limited; The results from the PET scan
For example, PET scan studies have shown that introverted and extraverted people have distinctly different patterns of blood flow in the brain.
Detection of Consolidated Disease Recurrences of Prostate Cancer by C-11 Choline PET Scan: Results Confirmed by Surgical Resection" - This study found that a C-11 choline PET scan is an accurate diagnostic tool for detecting localized disease recurrences that, in select cases, are suitable for salvage surgical resection.
This cooperative group study determined that the PET scan can show us which patients have the most aggressive tumors, potentially enabling us to intensify their treatment.