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an old Russian measurement of length, equal to the distance between the tips of the outstretched thumb and index finger. In modern Russian the word piad’ is encountered only in the figurative sense, in the expressions piad’ zemli (a small piece of land), ni piadi (meaning not to yield an inch), and semi piadei vo Ibu (said of a very intelligent and capable person).

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001 level) in the average total MISs and average PIAR mean item subscores across the holistic ratings.
DIARY DATE NOVEMBER 3: South Shields Open (Penn points) 11am-4pm 1st H/R/F PS600+Alderman Barbour Trophy, 2nd h/bag PS300, Lady PS50+Trophy, jnr PS20+Rod Bag+Trophy, h/flat PS50, + Prize table worth PS2000, entry PS10, jnrs PS2, Opt piars PS2, h/f PS1, s/pool h/bag PS2, reg Reelsport, Rutherfords, NETS until 4pm Saturday, on the day New Crown Pub 8.