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A language for writing theorem provers by Carl Hewitt <> MIT 1967. Never fully implemented.

CONNIVER was an outgrowth of PLANNER and microPLANNER a subset. PLASMA is a PLANNER-like system modelled on Actors. See also POPLER, QLISP, Scheme.

["PLANNER: A Language for Proving Theorems in Robots", Carl Hewitt, Proc IJCAI-69, Wash DC, May 1969].


The person and/or professional in architecture or interior design that deals with the layout, design, and furnishings of spaces within a proposed or existing structure, according to the requirements of the client.
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No need to shift from phone to planner when you have to look at something.
In recent years, undated planners have become more popular because it's possible to start one at any point during the year, rather than having to begin at the start of the year like traditional planners.
The Russells' planner, for example, is an independent professional who works on an hourly rate.
Planners look at designs of their own mines and see where ore deposits are and how the software can best be applied to their particular needs.
In this regard, it is essential that planners communicate with clients on an ongoing basis.
Planners, idealised as referees in a sharing out process, have been drafted as troops in a global economic war, defending their regions in competition against all others.
Following selection of a designer/space planner, the chosen firm should be in a position to recommend experienced contractors and/or general contracting firms who am bid competitively for the job.
The Podtrac Media Planner has been designed to enable advertising agencies to easily, quickly and from one location learn about and share information about podcasts and serial video appropriate for their advertiser's brands," said Robert Freeland, CTO and Co-Founder of Podtrac.
We think planners serve a critical function in helping you invest, save, plan for retirement, and more, but it's a good idea to pay attention from the start," she says.
The emergence of CPAs as financial planners and wealth managers has evolved over the past 20 years to meet the growing financial complexities of individuals in need of personal financial planning.
Ludicke was promoted to associate planner in 1986, to principal planner in 1988, and to assistant director in 1997.
Freddye Smith, a certified financial planner at the financial services firm of Waddell & geed in Chicago, suggested the couple employ "the $50 rule" when using credit cards: if a purchase costs more than $50 walk away and consider if it is really needed.