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popping, blowing, pitting, pops

Shallow conical depressions, ranging in size from pinheads to diameters of ¼ in. (64 mm), just below the surface of a lime-putty finish coat; caused by the expansion of coarse particles of unhydrated lime or of foreign substances.
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ZOKU, producer of the patented Quick Pop Maker, describes itself as "a collective of creative individuals who create things that will make our lives better through intelligent design and engineering.
The Pop Pals brand is currently licensed to Price Products, LLC and is being distributed by Everest.
Lickety Sip Ice Pop Makers: The flat rounded molds produce a traditional homemade shape reminiscent of the Tupperware safety ring pops of yesteryear.
Both sucrose and fructose are substrates for oral bacteria; therefore, regular pops are potentially cariogenic.
x] (1991, 1999), VOCs (1997, 1999), heavy metals (1998), POPs (1.
As with POPs, increasing comonomer (VA) content correlates with decreasing crystallinity, increasing oxygen transmission, and lower melting point, seal initiation temperature, and modulus.
Many countries have already banned the production and use of some of the POPs, but the resistance of these compounds to breakdown and their propensity to evaporate and settle out hundreds or thousands of miles away (SN: 7/15/95, p.
Bookended by contrasting photos of traditional and of trendy London, her copy celebrated casinos, nightclubs, writers, filmmakers, actors, designers, and pop stars, offering a handy map of metropolitan pleasure palaces like Tiles, The Scotch of St.
Kids' products, the hottest part of the market, tempt children 2-7 to eat 19 frozen pops per year, while youngsters 8-12 ease off a bit with only 13 confections, notes Arnie Schwartz, vice president, NPD Group in Chicago.
Just watching the corn pop is a show in itself, he said.