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1. the superior of a house and community in certain religious orders
2. the deputy head of a monastery or abbey, ranking immediately below the abbot
3. (formerly) a chief magistrate in medieval Florence and other Italian republics


Matthew. 1664--1721, English poet and diplomat, noted for his epigrammatic occasional verse



(1) A superior of a small Catholic monastery.

(2) The official second in rank after the grand master in various religious orders of knights.

(3) In the medieval communes of central Italy, the head of a guild, who was usually a member of the commune’s administration (priorate).

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The joint uniform prior for both shape and scale parameter is:Equation
Despite this clear rule, there have been widespread complaints that Medicare health plans have demanded prior authorization for antiretrovirals.
The court ruled, based on prior cases, the requirement was met because the taxpayer made the payment as a result of a legal obligation.
Given the consequences for the people of Palestine, Prior writes, "I find their moral stance disturbing.
6) or having two or more sex partners in the prior month (1.
Law enforcement administrators and prosecutors should view an offender's prior criminal record as a potential added element of any criminal charge(s) being considered.
Under the prior regulations, the tax-allocation method used for E&P purposes also applied for basis purposes because of the linkage between E&P and basis.
Prior has yet to prove the connection between bone loss and progestrone, cautions C.
Median Sales Price increased 25% to $750,000 over the prior year quarter median of $600,000 but was down 3.
Offering transition rules for certain taxpayers that had filed Form 3115 for their first effective tax year prior to the issuance of this guidance.
If the prior is found not true, the sentence gets cut pretty close to half.
47, paragraph 30: "In prior periods, likely misstatements may not have been corrected by the entity because they did not cause the financial statements for those periods to be materially misstated.