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properties, props

Objects on the stage of a theater related to a performance, including furniture and decorative elements.
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of sales and product support, Gary Chafin, told us that some turboprop airliners using Hartzell props have blades that have more than 50,000 hours in service.
Often props are in charge of their own spaces, budgets, and labor, deliberately separate from the scene shop.
Rake is the angle of the blades to the vertical hub of a prop.
Sometimes props overshadow what the performance is all about," he says.
Skills and interests To be a prop maker you should have: Technical and craft skills such as model-making, electric and electronic engineering, lighting or furniture making; An interest in the performing arts and in design; Creative and artistic skills; Good communication skills; An understanding of materials and their capabilities; An ability to work within a budget; and Computing skills for creating props using computer-aided design.
In a non-traditional use of one of his props, Falchi incorporates the baby bottle as an injector for truth serum.
DR WHO PROPS:Among the items supplied by the Celtic Prop Store were: Old radio devices 1930s typewriter Gamma ray spectrometer Specimen jars Bakelite phone 131 hard back books Wooden filing cabinet Tulip-shaped chairs Contents of a modern office Anaesthetic mask Hour glass Cutting medical instruments Packet of crayons Other props on offer: Coffins 8ft silver space ship Statue of a soldier from World War I Large piece of toast Large toilet
Californians for Medical Rights, one of the main proponents of Prop.