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However, during Pervez Musharraf regime, when Syed Dilawar Abbas was president of PTF, the players were regularly getting handsome reward money for wining Davis Cup.
The Chairman JCSC, Vice Chief of Air staff, President PTF and Begum Chairman JCSC distributed the shields among the players.
JCSC chairman Lt Gen Zubair Mahmood Hayat NI (M) graced the occasion as chief guest, while among others, PTF president Salim Saifullah Khan, Air vice Marhsal Farooq Habib, high-ranked military officers (serving and retired), PTF officials and a sizable crowd were also present there.
Numerous analyses have indicated that PTF could create enough fuel to power millions of cars each year, generate tens of thousands of jobs and billions in economic output, and dramatically reduce traditional energy use--and would generate fewer industrial emissions than institutional buildings such as hospitals and universities.
However, in some instances accommodations are required to be made keeping in view market practices which are valuable source to strengthen PTF.
As outlined on the project website, the PTF will be based on 24 wells: four injection wells, nine recovery wells and 11 groundwater monitoring-related wells.
PTF has asked all provincial Tennis Associations and federal Tennis association to nominate two junior players of 14 to 17 years of age, for the camp, Priority shall be given to current higher ranked players, Beside coaching PTF will provide accommodation at PTF Complex, Travelling and meals shall be the responsibility of players respective provincial Associations.
He said the enhanced PTF will help traders make better long-term business plans, since they can now access information useful for deciding on products and suppliers that attract the lowest tariff rates.
We are supporting Anil Khanna because he is also president of Asian Tennis Federation ( ATF) and has always supported us," PTF secretary Khalid Rehmani was quoted as saying in ' The News'.
In order to derived the PTF S in one soil texture class.
The report further said that following the dismissal of their first appeal, the PTF accused New Zealand players of sabotaging the court and added that the referee showed bias to New Zealand.
Conceived using the same design philosophy behind SIPA's original Genius PTF palletizing innovations introduced in 2011, the Genius PTF V integrates perfectly with SIPA's Fastlayer robotic layer preparation units, with their active pack orientation and arrangement capabilities.