Pablo Iglesias

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Iglesias, Pablo


Born Oct. 18, 1850, in El Ferrol; died Dec. 9, 1925, in Madrid. Figure in the Spanish workers’ movement. One of the first disseminators of Marxist ideas and initiators of the organized workers’ movement in Spain. Printing worker by trade.

In 1871, Iglesias was elected to the Council of the Spanish Federation, which held Marxist, anti-Bakuninist positions. He was one of the founders (1879) and most authoritative leaders of the Spanish Socialist Workers’ Party and the General Union of Workers (founded in 1888). He was chairman of these two organizations until the end of his life. During the crisis of the intense struggle between the reformist and revolutionary wings of the Spanish Socialist Workers’ Party, Iglesias took the side of the reformists. He opposed the party’s entrance into the Third, or Communist, International, thus bringing about a split in the party (1921).


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Morrison's view is echoed by Pablo Iglesias, the academic at the head of Spain's insurgent leftwing Podemos party.
Tsipras was boosted on the podium by some leading lights from the European left, including Pablo Iglesias, head of Spain's Podemos party.
A la reconquete de la legitimite perdue, Tsipras tente de rameuter le camp de la gauche radicale europeenne, represente par l'Espagnol Pablo Iglesias de Podemos, l'Allemand Gregor Gysi de Die Linke et le Francais Pierre Laurent du Parti communiste francais (PCF), pour colmater les breches apparues sur le front interne et defendre une majorite menacee par la montee en puissance de l'opposition tout aussi confiante sur les chances de victoire.
Political science professor and media personality Pablo Iglesias very soon emerged as party leader: as Podemos's Secretary-General and at the head of its list for election to the European Parliament.
People of Madrid, give a red card to those arrogant people," Podemos leader Pablo Iglesias urged supporters as he concluded campaigning on Friday.
The left-wing Podemos (or We Can) Party, founded in 2014 by Pablo Iglesias, is leading the polls for the Spanish general elections to be held at the end of the year.
Pablo Iglesias, Podemos' leader, has 32 percent while current Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy trails with 24 percent approval rating.
Pablo Iglesias, the leader of the Spanish left-wing, anti-austerity Podemos party currently leading the polls, is among the signatories -- as is Irish MEP Martina Anderson, who chairs the Palestine committee within the European parliament.
According to the party's leader, Pablo Iglesias, the march's aim is not to protest or ask the government for anything, but to mark the beginning of change.
The party's rise is greatly due to the charisma of its pony-tailed leader, Pablo Iglesias, a 36-year-old political science professor.
Spain's Syriza equivalent is Podemos, whose leader, Pablo Iglesias, has aligned himself closely with Tsipras, and the party has lately been surging in opinion polls.
Pablo Iglesias, the leader ofto be done at Cabinet level to take people off the Live register.