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The subject of the public contract is the delivery of an autokeratorefractotonometer with a pachymeter.
Comparison of central corneal thickness measurements by Galilei Dual-Scheimpflug analyzer and ultrasound pachymeter in myopic eyes.
Seed morphological traits: Four traits were used to assess the seeds, namely: seed length (SL), width (SW), and thickness (ST), which were measured in a digital pachymeter (Starret 799; at 0.
The Nidek Tonoref III maintains the same compact size as its predecessor despite the addition of the non-contact pachymeter.
The central corneal thickness was measured in anesthetized animals using an ultrasonic pachymeter SP-100 (Tomey Corporation, Nagoya, Japan) in the corneal center.
ClickPress, Fri May 09 2014] Ophthalmology Devices Market (Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) Scanner, Fundus Camera, Tonometer, Pachymeter, Perimeter, Slit Lamp, Excimer, YAG Laser, Femtosecond Laser, IOL, Contact Lens) - Competitive Landscape & Global Forecasts to 2018
All pachymetries were performed on the central cornea with an ultrasound pachymeter (Paxis, Biovision Inc.
Central corneal thickness measurement with the Pentacam Scheimpflug system, optical low-coherence reflectometry, pachymeter, and ultrasound pachymetry.
Footpad swelling was monitored by serial weekly measurements, for 30 days, of footpad thickness with the help of a digital pachymeter.
Bacterial growth inhibition halos were measured after 48 h at 37[degrees]C with a digital pachymeter.