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(Next Generation Secure Computing Base) A Windows security platform from Microsoft introduced in 2002, and originally called "Palladium." First used in Windows Vista in 2007, applications that support NGSCB can be isolated within the computer; their data can be sealed and made unavailable to other applications, and data can be digitally signed to ensure they were created by a trusted application. Viruses may still enter and reside within the computer, but NGSCB-aware applications are far less vulnerable to their damage.

Software and Hardware
NGSCB employs a "nexus" software module that runs alongside Windows that applications communicate with, and regular applications and nexus-aware applications run together in the same PC. NGSCB requires a Security Support Component (SSC) chip in the motherboard, called the Trusted Platform Module (see TPM) by the Trusted Computing Group (see TCG). The SSC/TPM includes RSA and AES private keys that never leave the chip, and it provides encryption/decryption and digital signature generation.

User Authentication and Digital Rights
NGSCB does not provide user authentication; it provides machine and application authentication. Smart cards and other user authentication methods are still required. NGSCB also does not provide digital rights management (DRM); however, rights management systems can call upon the nexus module for more security.

From the Goddess Athena
The original Palladium name came from ancient Troy, where the Palladium was a sacred, stone statue of the goddess Athena, said to be the protector of the city. See TCPA.
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