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For most words beginning thus, use paleo-.
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The faunal assemblage of larger benthic foraminifera along with other fauna was used as palaeo environmental indicator.
The Forrest West tenement covers a section of the Ooldea Shoreline down drift from a large palaeo drainage and estuary.
The research team from PALAEO (Centre for Human Palaeoecology and Evolutionary Origins) and the Department of Archaeology at York, found that Neanderthal childhood experience was subtly different from that of their modern human counterparts in that it had a greater focus on social relationships within their group.
In poetic hopes of entertaining slow readers with heavy imagination and quick chapters, author Rheo Palaeo takes control of the paragraphs and plays the words like the synesthetic instrument.
Palaeo Gallery of the Museum is based on Pre-historic Wildlife of Pakistan.
We need to return to a diet more like our ancestors' and, most controversially, that involves not eating grains, beans or dairy products, according to Dr Loren Cordain, author of a recently published book The Palaeo Diet (Wiley, 2002).
With a huge display of flora and fauna, the museum occupies various galleries including Bio Gallery, Tethys Gallery, Gemstone Gallery, Eco Gallery and Palaeo Gallery with a number of research sections.
Trace metal signatures of Jurassic/ Cretaceous black shale from Norwegian Shelf and the Barents Sea // PALAEO.
Redaurum has delineated 7 km of the meandering course of a buried Miocene palaeo channel of the Sout River on the Rooiberg property.
Overburden consists mainly of recent volcanic ignimbrite: hard, competent rocks which should allow steep pit slopes, although between them and the ore there is a layer of palaeo gravels which would call for a wide safety bench in the mine.