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[Gr.,=something read backward], rearrangement of the letters of a word or words to make another word or other words. A famous Latin anagram was an answer made out of a question asked by Pilate.
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a sentence or verse that can be read, by letters or by words, backward or forward; both readings will make sense and usually will be identical. “Madam, I’m Adam” is an example of an English palindrome.

The artistic quality of a palindrome depends on the structure of a given language. In Russian and other European languages, palindromes usually sound artificial and unintelligible, whereas in Chinese, for instance, many highly artistic poems are palindromes. Examples of Russian palindromes can be found in V. V. Khlebnikov’s narrative poem Razin’s Boat and in works by V. Ia. Briusov, I. L. Sel’vinskii, and A. A. Voznesenskii.


A nucleic acid sequence that is self-complementary.
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Palindromes were said to have been invented by the Greek poet Sotades the Obscene of Maronea in the third century B.
Because we are not concerned with regular palindromic GSPs we will exclude from our formula all integers n such that their digital sum is also palindromic, since these are the only numbers that yield regular palindromes from the concatenation: n_ds(n)_ds(n)_n.
While I was in the nuthouse, I contrived a couple palindromes that can only be called psychotic.
Notice, for example, Borgmann's consistent disinterest in sentence palindromes, whenever circumstances do not compel him to deal with them, as opposed to his fascination with single-word palindromes and reversals, and compare that preference to the article writer's exclusive focus on sentence-length and longer palindromes--clearly, the two writers could not be further apart in this regard.
An interesting point with respect to internal palindromes and regular inflection is that Type A examples are quite rare.
This year there were four categories of SymmyS: short palindromes, long palindromes, word unit palindromes, and poetry.
Palindromes written before World War II are unlikely to so much as a hint at the topic, whereas in the postwar era, especially in latter times, one finds increasingly frank references to sex in sotadics, even at times a seeming obsession with the subject.
I started with A, then went I went back and tried to figure out how to put their names into perfect palindromes that had real words, real names (referring to a real celebrity).
Too hot to hoot" has long been one of our more popular palindrome "chestnuts," being cited in print almost as often as the well-known "Panama" and "Able/Elba" palindromes.
The field for the WPC was by invitation and consisted of those palindromists who had written and published palindromes recently.
It's a very solitary pleasure, as I know not a soul on this continent with even any interest in reading palindromes, let alone writing them.
Note that SEXES is the only palindrome on this list.