Palm Tree

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What does it mean when you dream about a palm tree?

The palm tree has come to be known as the Christian religious symbol for Christ’s victory over death, celebrated as Palm Sunday at the Easter holiday season. It can signify a victory over adversities and a blessing to the dreamer. It can also represent an oasis or a vacation.

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Yazan Awwad, senior landscape specialist and member of the project, said people can even buy a date palm tree for around Dh1000 from nurseries.
Smart, solar-powered palm trees are popping up across Dubai beaches offering free WiFi to tourists and residents.
The post Man sets fire to palm tree, customs warehouse damaged appeared first on Cyprus Mail .
Benefits include, but are not limited to, abandoned, shoulders, embankments, ditches and roadside moorings, as well as land under community management: Tree or palm tree felling.
Al-Zenki said that the forum which will be held in collaboration with the Palm Tree Friends Society and The Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Sciences (KFAS) will discuss the impact of these challenges on the economy and food security, as well as developing new methods to protect the palm trees.
Bahrain: A New eco-tourism project based on the palm tree industry could be launched in Bahrain, it has been revealed.
Saif bin Rashid al- Shaqsi, Director-General of theDirectorate Generalof One MillionDatePalmTreeProjectat theDiwan of Royal Court said that the success that accompanies the project at all stages that have been implemented so farachieve the vision of His Majesty Sultan Qaboos Bin Said of the importance of the date palm tree and its position in Omani agriculture and the cultural and civilizational heritage, as the date palm tree remains the backbone of food security in the Sultanate and its generous production remains dependent on the local resources and expertise inherited and to take advantage of cutting-edge modern technology in the field of agriculture and manufacture of its products.
The UAE Ministry of Environment and Water (MoEW) has begun a new phase to control palm tree pests, as part of the Nakheelna' Initiative.
At the beginning of the 1987/88 season, the tee for the 7th hole was moved to its current location and a palm tree planted in the location of the old tee box.
We were able to take photographs of the two Palmyra palm trees and that of the Coconut palm tree.
Farmers have even used fish ponds to irrigate their palm tree