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river, Pakistan: see SutlejSutlej
, longest of the five rivers of the Punjab, c.900 mi (1,450 km) long, rising in the Kailas Range, SW Tibet region of China, and flowing generally west, meandering through the Himalayas in India, then onto the Punjab plain where it receives the Beas River and forms part of
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(Sanskrit, “five rivers”), the lower course of the Sutlej River in Pakistan.

The Panjnad extends for 96 km, from the confluence of the Sutlej with the Chenab River to the confluence of the Sutlej with the Indus. The “five rivers” are the main rivers of the entire river system: the Sutlej and its tributaries the Beas and the Chenab and the Chenab’s tributaries the Jhelum and the Ravi. The water level of these rivers rises sharply during the monsoon season in July and August, so that the combined volume is no less than that of the Indus. The rivers are widely used for irrigation, and there is a dense network of irrigation canals. The Panjnad is navigable during flooding.

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The SCA demanded that the Chashma Jhelum Link Canal, Taunsa and Panjnad flood canals should be immediately closed.
The Trimmu and Panjnad Barrage Improvement Project (TPBIP) will provide reliable irrigation water to 1.
The imminent passage of 600,000 to 700,000 cusecs of water from Panjnad Headworks is likely to inundate several areas including Rahim Yar Khan, Multan and Muzaffargarh districts.
110 million has been allocated for Trimu Barrage and Panjnad Headworks besides the project of brick lining of 400 km long canals and rajbahs is being completed at a cost of Rs.
Lower Punjab, downstream (d/s) of Rasul, Qadirabad, Balloki, Sulaimanki, barrages (RQBS) called Tributary Zone can be supplied water both from JC and Indus through Chashma Jehlum (Cand Taunsa Panjnad (TLink canals.
In Tarbela command: Thal canal will remain closed from Jan 13 to Jan 30 2018, Trimmu Canals and Trimmu - Sidnai Link and SMB Link from Jan 10 to Jan 27, 2018, Sidhnai Canal from Jan 11 to Jan 28, 2018, Lower Pakpattan Canal from Jan 12 to Jan 29, 2018, Lower Bhalwal Canal Jan 13 to Jan 30, 2018, Panjnad Canals from Jan 05 to Jan 22, 2018 and Taunsa Canals from Dec 31 2017 to Jan 17, 2018.
Pakistan on Friday has inked two loan deals worth $150 million in total with the Manila-headquartered Asian Development Bank for the restoration and upgrading of the century-old barrages of Trimmu and Panjnad barrages in Punjab within the year 2020.
He said that Khawaja Farid University of Engineering and Technology had been established in Rahim Yar Khan and funds had been earmarked for the construction of dual-way road from Muzaffargarh to DIG Khan and from Alipur to Panjnad.
MUZAFFARGARH -- Drivers of two buses were killed and another twenty one injured after their passenger buses collided near Head Panjnad in tahsil Alipur on Sunday night.
MUZAFFARGARH -- Two men were killed while more than twenty one suffered injuries when two buses collided near Head Panjnad in tehsil Alipur late Sunday night.
Barrages: JinnahInflows 31700 cusecs and Outflows 31700 cusecs, Chashma Inflows 30000 cusecs and Outflows 30000 cusecs, Taunsa Inflows 28300 cusecs and Outflows 28300 cusecs, Panjnad Inflows 18400 cusecs and Outflows 9900 cusecs, Guddu Inflows 39200 cusecs and Outflows 36200 cusecs, Sukkur Inflows 32900 cusecs and Outflows 10100 cusecs, Kotri Inflows 8700 cusecs and Outflows Nil cusecs.
Barrages: JinnahInflows 27400 cusecs and Outflows 27400 cusecs, Chashma Inflows 28700 cusecs and Outflows 30000 cusecs, Taunsa Inflows 29400 cusecs and Outflows 29400 cusecs, Panjnad Inflows 19100 cusecs and Outflows 12800 Guddu Inflows 39200 cusecs and Outflows 36200 cusecs, Sukkur Inflows 30000 cusecs and Outflows 10200 cusecs, Kotri Inflows 7500 cusecs and Outflows Nil cusecs.