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see commedia dell'artecommedia dell'arte
, popular form of comedy employing improvised dialogue and masked characters that flourished in Italy from the 16th to the 18th cent. Characters of the Commedia Dell'Arte
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The Pantaloons theatre company is bringing its fast-paced, physical and very funny production of The Importance of Being Earnest to the Liverpool National Trust property as part of a tour of open-air venues around the country.
Travelling theatre company The Pantaloons present their production in the hall's beautiful gardens.
The CBI, in its First Information Report, also claimed that Naresh Chopra, who was a secretary with LIC, leaked information about companies like Adani group, J P Hydro, JSW Power, Ralligear, D B Realty, Pantaloons, Adalite and MTech, that allegedly benefited from the scam.
THE Pantaloons are hoping to avoid the curse of the "Scottish Play" as they stage a free production of Macbeth at the RSC's outdoor space at The Dell, Theatre Gardens, Stratford.
And although I've obviously let the school down in their expectations of my dressmaking abilities, I was unable to run up a brocade puff-ball jacket with matching pantaloons in little over a day.
The Pantaloons theatre company is bringing its production to The Dell as the opening of the Royal Shakespeare Company Festival on June 28-29.
Maggie and Sue have pressed their pantaloons and dusted off their crinolines for this latest bout of literary lunacy, which was pulled together to mark the 150th anniversary of the death of Charlotte Bronte.
E-mail your case for voluminous hip hop pantaloons, or not to: jenny.
The normally-stunning Australian singer shocked onlookers by wearing what appeared to be Aladdin- style pantaloons made out of shiny black bin liners.
In practice it turned out more like sun, sangria and spewing up behind the statue of the famous conquistador with the pantaloons and the pointy beard in the town square.
The day- long launch saw both casual and semi- formal styles by a host of brands and designers such as Pantaloons, Dorothy Perkins, Sougat Paul, Niket Mishra and Siddartha Tytler.