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a genus of catarrhine monkeys of the family Cercopi-thecidae. The body length is 75–80 cm, and the tail length is 50–60 cm. The weight reaches 30 kg. The members of the genus have a long muzzle, protruding eyebrows, and long canine teeth. The broad nostrils are located at the end of the muzzle. The pelage is long and sometimes forms a mane; the coloration consists primarily of dark gray tones. The buttock pads are large and brightly colored. The front and hind limbs are almost equal in length; the hands and feet are short.

There are five species of Papio: the sacred baboon (P. hamadryas), the western baboon (P. papio), the yellow baboon (P. cynocephalus), the anubis baboon (P. anubis), and the chacma (P. ursinus). The first four species are distributed from Guinea-Bissau eastward to Ethiopia, and the chacma is encountered in southern Africa.

The baboons live in large troops on cliffs. They feed on plants, insects, and the eggs of birds. The gestation period is 170 days; the young are weaned at five to eight months of age. Sexual maturity is attained in three to five years. A closely related genus is Cynopithecus (crested macaque), which is found on Sulawesi.

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Masuccio's main claim to artistic merit, Papio argues, lies in his ability to create an aesthetic experience from use of the satiric grotesque.
If the local fishermen have pulled in some papio, you might luck into an entree of this delicate white fish, served grilled with garlic butter sauce, stir-fried vegetables and mashed potatoes that have been spread out on a griddle and flash-grilled.
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Trolling from windsurfers, canoes, and kayaks is used to capture ulua and papio near the reef drop-offs.
Hawaii has about 10 species of jack, among them the ulua, or giant trevally, and the smaller papio, or trevally.