Parallel Flow

parallel flow

[′par·ə‚lel ′flō]
Also known as loop flow.
The flow of electric current from one point to another in an electric network over multiple paths, in accordance with Kirchhoff's laws.
In particular, the flow of electric current through electric power systems over paths other than the contractual path.

Parallel Flow


a pattern of movement of working liquids or gases in a heat exchanger whereby fluids divided by a wall flow in identical directions; the heat transfer occurs through the wall. With parallel flow the average temperature difference between the working liquids is substantially less than with counterflow, especially if the temperature difference at the outlet side is small. However, in a number of cases this pattern makes it possible to obtain lower wall temperatures than are obtained with counterflow.

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To help further the analysis of the observed improved UA of the separation condenser, Figure 14 is plotted to show the detailed HTC profile of the refrigerant along the parallel flow microchannel tubes at [[?
The wafer track has to manage and demonstrate an automatic and clocked parallel flow between lacquering and development.
The experiments were done on parallel flow mode in a horizontal tube in tube heat exchanger, with hot water flowing in between the inner tube and the outer tube while cold water and nano fluid flows through the inner side of the inner tube .
Because the lifetime of small induction motors is more a factor of the number of starts, rather than the hours of operations, and because of the starting noise of these motors, series flow fan-powered VAV terminals were often preferred to parallel flow terminals, except ins climates with very few hours of heating operation per year.
Parallel flow is obtained when the gate is located perpendicular to the features (figure 4b).
Refrigerant distribution in a parallel flow heat exchanger having vertical headers and heated horizontal tubes.
Developing adiabatic two phase flow in headers e distribution issue in parallel flow microchannel heat exchangers.
For parallel flow in an unencapsulated mold, two supply plates--one for the cope and one for the drag--were designed for supplying helium to the mold.
However, a lamp in parallel flow would produce a more uniform UV irradiance field near the center of the device.
The selective isolation of the Soviet cultural sphere provoked the existence of a parallel flow of disallowed content that, in the Soviet system, was categorized as illegal practice (shadow activity).
Infact, parallel flow represents the condition that allows a drastic simplification of the governing balance equations, thus giving a chance to find exact solutions at least for the simpler geometries: parallel plane channel, circular or annular duct, rectangular duct.
They are followed by three CEDI units assembled in a parallel flow configuration to remove smaller amounts of salt.

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