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These are 4 health facilities, including the reconstruction of the Central District Hospital in Yuzhno-Kurilsk and the construction of a CRH in North Kurilsk, four new schools on Iturup, Paramushir, Kunashir, three sports facilities, 26 transport and utilities facilities, "said Alexander Krutikov .
3-magnitude tremor occurred in the Pacific Ocean, 81 kilometers (50 miles) to the north-east from the island of Paramushir.
Grigori Georgievich Derviz, born in 1930, is an artist who in 1955 worked as a research assistant on the land whaling station at Paramushir in the Kuril Islands.
Distribution and migrations of the rock sole, Lepidopsetta bilineata bilineata, in the region of the Okhotsk Sea coast of Paramushir and Shumshu Islands.
According to Voice of Russia, Russian authorities also plan to build an airport on Paramushir, the northernmost island in the Kurils.
To the auction for quotas, two construction projects on Shikotan and Paramushir have been approved so far for fish processing plants with investments of more than three billion rubles, "the Minister specified.
The last and most northerly station on Paramushir Island ("Podgorniy") was closed in 1964.