Paris green

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Paris green,

also called Schweinfurt green, an extremely poisonous, bright green powder that was formerly used extensively as a pigment (e.g., in wallpaper) and that is sometimes used as an insecticide or to kill plant fungi; it must be used with great caution because of its poisonous nature. Chemically it is a copper acetoarsenite that may be prepared from arsenic trioxide and copper acetate.
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Market orders for the cleaning of Paris green spaces in two separate lots.
Paris Green, the common name for cupric acetoarsenite, is an emerald-green powder containing 43% arsenic and was used from 1865 until the 1940s.
Atkins's first foray into HD was the seven-minute Paris Green, 2009, made shortly after he graduated from the MA program at the Slade School of Fine Art in London.
Paris Green, who also happens to be 19, takes the lead role.