Parris Island

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Parris Island:

see Sea IslandsSea Islands,
chain of more than 100 low islands off the Atlantic coast of S.C., Ga., and N Fla., extending from the Santee River to the St. Johns River. The ocean side of the islands is generally sandy; the side facing the mainland is marshy.
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Parris Island gained a bad reputation in 1956 when an instructor walked his platoon into a swamp where six trainees died.
Also, while at Parris Island, Sean was non-deployable and home almost every evening for dinner and available to the family on the weekends.
Back at Parris Island, the senior enlisted ranks were enthusiastic for action, an opportunity for The White House to make right the 1961 Bay of Pigs disaster.
In other words, by this measure Parris Island is about forty percent more verbally profane than Vietnam.
In Court-Martial at Parris Island, Stevens investigates the drowning deaths in Ribbon Creek, focusing closely on the court-martial of the drill instructor involved, Staff Sergeant Matthew McKeon.
IN JUNE, Brigadier General Loretta Reynolds, USMC, became the first woman to take command of the Corps's legendary recruit depot, Parris Island.
In a rare move for a non-American journalist, film director Yukihisa Fujimoto went inside the Parris Island camp in South Carolina and recorded the process through which pimply boys and girls become junior Marines in a 12-week program to make the film ''One Shot One Kill'' now screening in Tokyo.
We came up with a plan to rent kayaks and travel from Parris Island, S.
P&E has been selected to provide on-site resource efficiency management services at Marine Corps Recruit Depot Parris Island, South Carolina.
Before long, the young firebrand was on his way to Parris Island and ultimately to the South Pacific.
Written by Marine Corps Association member and Parris Island graduate Bob Shirley, Parris Island Daze: My Drill Instructor Was Tougher Than Yours is a tell-it-like-it-is account of what Parris Island (or any other American military boot camp) is really like.