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ancient province, Iran: see FarsFars
or Farsistan
, province (1991 pop. 3,543,828), c.51,500 sq mi (133,400 sq km), SW Iran. Shiraz is the capital and chief city, located in an oasis occupying a valley c.6 mi (10 km) wide and 20 mi (32 km) long. The province is largely mountainous.
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The first-round scores supported Schroeder's opinion; only 20 players in a starting field of 81 shot under par.
Then the real drama, shot-making rallies and angst kicked in, as first Kate, then Woo, made remarkable downhill recovery shots from thick greenside rough on the third playoff holes to set up possible winning pars, only to both see their putts narrowly miss the cup on that 353-yard, par-4 hole.

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