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, pastil
1. an aromatic substance burnt to fumigate the air
2. Med a small coated paper disc formerly used to estimate the dose or intensity of radiation (esp of X-rays): it changes colour when exposed
3. a variant of pastel (sense 1)



a confection prepared by beating sugar and egg white into fruit puree (whipped pastille). The porous, foamy mass is usually thickened by blending it with a hot, sticky, gelatigenous syrup made from sugar, starch syrup, and agar (gum pastille) or with a fruit-jelly paste (boiled pastille). Individual pastilles are then formed from the resulting gelled, foamy mass. Depending on the type of pastilles being made, the finished products are left to stand or to dry at high temperatures, either before or after forming. Pastilles must be stored at a relative humidity of 75–80 percent and at a temperature no higher than 20°C.

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The general shape of most buildings was ideal for a pastille burner.
Les chercheurs previennent que les pastilles de zinc n'ont pas attenue l'intensite des symptomes et que d'autres etudes sont necessaires pour determiner quel type de zinc et quelle dose reduisent le plus efficacement la duree d'un rhume.
Consumers who don't have a pack full of red Randoms, Fruit Pastilles or Sour Pastilles can still input a code on Facebook for a chance to win one of the runners up prizes, which include 10 prizes of [pounds sterling]i,000 and 10,000 packets of sweets.
Originally the pastilles were packed using volumetric fillers but in order to ensure the correct weight in each pack, it was necessary to overfill by as much as two to three grams per pack.
Available now in leading pharmacies this month, Bassetts Soft & Chewy vitamins help promote healthy growth and development, healthy bones, teeth, eyes and skin and a healthy immune system and come in an easy to take soft & chewy pastille in a variety of natural, fresh flavours that makes taking vitamins easy for both adults and children.
Andwe found we could conjure up the noise of flesh being chewed by munching on fruit pastilles very close to a microphone.
Vocalzone Throat Pastilles were created 100 years ago for the Italian tenor The Great Caruso (the first man to sell 1,000,000 records).
In another widely used process, Sandvik's Rotoform system, homogenous free-flowing pastilles are generated by the controlled drop-forming of liquid products on the upper surface of a water-cooled steel belt.
During her 55-minute set, she suffered from hoarseness, apologising for her weak voice and brandishing throat pastilles.
Sandvik Process Systems designs, develops, supplies, and installs plants worldwide for the production of antioxidant pastilles.
ROWNTREES have a new recipe for their fruit pastilles with no artificial colours or flavours and real fruit juice.
Ideas for exploding chocolate bars and bombs masquerading as throat pastilles, plus claims that frogs were to be part of the British breakfast, all look, as one expert describes it, as though they were produced by Monty Python.