Patent Fee

Patent Fee


a sum collected by state agencies when a patent is issued.

In the USSR, in accordance with the Statute on Discoveries, Inventions, and Efficiency Proposals of Aug. 21, 1973, fees are collected upon submission of a patent application or an appeal of the decision of an expert examination and upon the issue or transfer of a patent. In addition, annual fees are collected throughout the effective period of the patent (15 years). Failure to pay the patent fee within the set period precludes consideration by experts of a patent application Nonpayment of fees on existing patents leads to their being declared invalid. The law provides for a six-month grace period for payment of the patent fee.

No patent fee is collected for issuing a diploma attesting to a scientific discovery, an author’s certificate of invention, or a certificate for an innovation proposal.

All foreign countries also collect patent fees. In the United States and Canada, however, the fee is collected only when the patent is issued; there are no annual fees.

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Samsung pays an about 3% patent fee to Toshiba each year, but they are competitive in financial strength and production technology.
Patent & Trademark Office, Detailed Appendices: Patent Fee Proposal 61 (Feb.
These facts lead Bessen and Love to recommend altering the timing of the current patent fee structure to discourage the mischief that occurs late in patent life.
I was surprised when I got the letter stating the patent was approved and I had 90 days upon the approval to pay the actual patent fee (which I believe covers the publishing).
High patent fee becomes the major factor of restricting export.
He merely built on existing technology first demonstrated by Antonio Meucci and paid the EUR10 patent fee to call it his own.
Even though the court agreed that he never planted or wanted Monsanto's GM seeds, it ruled that he had to pay a huge patent fee to Monsanto.
To compensate for the remaining taxpayer revenue that would be withdrawn, OBRA imposed a massive statutory patent fee increase (referred to as a "surcharge") on American inventors for a five-year period.
The patent fee is very high and NICHIA has a stringent patent authorization, but this patent will expire in 2017.
Any communication protocol in 3G field cannot avoid Qualcomm, but Qualcomm also means a high patent fee.
Currently, the patent fee which domestic enterprises pay for making one DVD accounts for over 30% of its export price.
When Paid receives the formal Notification of Allowance, it will pay the patent fee immediately.