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A process used in the production of high-strength steel wire containing 0.35-0.85% carbon, in which the wire is heated to above the transformation temperature, then quenched in molten lead or molten salt, or cooled in air.



a heat treatment of steel whereby sorbite, which is a lamellar microstructure of ferrite and cementite, is produced. Patenting usually includes the following steps: austenitizing by heating to 870°-950°C, isothermal transformation of the supercooled austenite in molten salt or lead at 450°-550°C, and cooling with water or in air. Several new types of patenting have been developed—for example, stepwise patenting and rimming layer patenting. Patenting provides high strength and ductility of products (usually wire), which are cold-worked from patented billets.


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In fact, the company is concerned that there may be too much patenting going on, Sleyster said.
Then they get snatched up by industry" In addition, the PTO hosts quarterly round tables inside its headquarters with industry representatives to discuss patenting policy.
This short-hand approach departs radically from prior practice in gene patenting.
He cited an Office of Technology Assessment estimate that biotechnology will be a $100 billion industry by the end of the century, and said that "It would be self-destructive to America's leadership position in biotechnology to allow the objections of a few opponents to lead to ill-advised restraints on the patenting of animals.