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The ability of an organism to enter a host and cause disease.



the ability of a microorganism to cause infectious disease. Pathogenicity varies with the virulence of the infectious agent and with the susceptibility of the infected organisms. Thus for every microbe, it is a relative characteristic that depends on the species, age, sex, and physiological condition of the infected organism.

Pathogenicity develops as a result of a microbial species’ long evolutionary adaptation to the presence of a particular host species. Individual strains from a single microbial species differ in pathogenicity.

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We sequenced genes from 2 novel influenza A(H5N8) viruses isolated from domestic ducks in eastern China and evaluated their pathogenicity in chickens and mice.
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Genes VPA1321 and VPA1376, which are located at the extremes of the pathogenicity island, were amplified by using primers designed using the Primer3 program (http://primer3.
The possible pathogenic role of this virus in acute respiratory infections has also been questioned; consequently, several types of studies have been proposed to obtain evidence of pathogenicity and proof of disease causation (3,4).
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Friend or Foe, a new program from DARPAs Biological Technologies Office, proposes to develop a platform technology that rapidly screens unfamiliar bacteria to establish their pathogenicity and even discover unknown pathogenic traits, necessary first steps for designing effective biosurveillance and countermeasures.
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In phytopathogens, the T3SS is encoded by hypersensitive response (HR), pathogenicity (hrp) and hrp conserved (hrc) genes, and it has been implicated in both the initiation of the disease during compatible interactions and the elicitation of plant defences, leading to resistance in incompatible interactions (Steinberger and Beer, 1988; Barny et al.
The objective of this study was to determine the pathogenicity, virulence and interactions between native Morelos state strains of Metarhizium anisopliae and Beauveria bassiana against P.
The discovery of NetB as the essential toxin trigger for the disease was followed by recognition that it forms part of a large plasmid-encoded 42 kb pathogenicity locus (NELoc-1).