Paul Doumer

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Doumer, Paul


Born Mar. 22, 1857, in Aurillac; died May 7, 1932, in Paris. French statesman.

Doumer began his career as a teacher and publicist. He belonged to the Radical Party. He was governor-general of Indochina from December 1896 to 1902 and minister of finance in 1895-96, 1921-22, and 1925-26. Doumer was president of the Chamber of Deputies in 1905-06 and was elected president of the Senate in 1927. He was president of France in 1931-32. Doumer was fatally wounded by Gorgulov, a White Russian emigre. Reactionary circles in France tried to make use of his murder to instigate an anti-Soviet and anti-communist campaign.

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