Paul Edmund de Strzelecki

Strzelecki, Paul Edmund de


(also Pawel Edmund Strzelecki). Born July 20, 1797, near Poznań; died Oct. 6, 1873, in London. Polish naturalist, geologist, and geographer.

Strzelecki traveled in North and South America from 1834 to 1837 and explored the islands of Oceania in 1838. In 1839 and 1840 he explored southeastern Australia, especially the Australian Alps, where he discovered a mountain peak and named it Mount Kosciuszko. In 1841 and 1842 he explored Tasmania. Strzelecki worked out a schema of the geological history of the Australian-Tasmanian region, for which he was awarded the founder’s medal of the Royal Geographical Society in 1846. A river in southern Australia is named after Strzelecki.


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