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It was adapted from a BBC radio play first aired in 1954 and starred Paul Scofield as More with Keith Baxter as Henry.
Fixed-frame images of the metropolis are narrated in a soothing tone of wry amusement by the Shakespearean actor Paul Scofield, and the diagnosis of late-twentieth-century urban malaise is pitched in a recognizably British register of sardonic self-loathing.
Paul Scofield, who was in A Man for All Seasons, is an actor of phenomenal range and has a quiet integrity.
John Gielgud, Paul Scofield and Peggy Ashcroft are other 20th century giants of acting who trained at the Rep, as well as the renowned theatre director Peter Brook.
So I have decided to take the stance adopted by luminaries such as David Bowie, Alan Bennet, Danny Boyle, Albert Finney, Humphrey Lyttelton, John Osborne, Peter O'Toole, Paul Scofield, Mark Rylance and TUC general secretary Norman Willis.
PAUL SCOFIELD Regarded as one of the greatest Shakespearian actors of all time, Scofield's talents were spotted at The Rep in 1945 and he was whisked to Stratford the following year.
Paul Scofield is the actor he most admires, above all in his "all-encompassing playing of Lear" (60).
Critics have contrasted the film with The Train (1964), which had a similar plot but featured Paul Scofield as a cultured, Art-loving Nazi colonel -- and a Paul Scofield figure is conspicuously lacking here.
Paul Scofield and Senckenberg Research Institute and Natural History Museum's Dr.
Paul Scofield, of Canterbury Museum, said in the statement.
THE daughter of legendary British actor Paul Scofield left a fortune of more than PS1.
Albert Finney, Michael Gambon, Peter O'Toole, Edith Evans, Derek Jacobi and Paul Scofield all trod its boards.