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Singer, Paul


Born Jan. 16, 1844, in Berlin; died there Jan. 31, 1911. A leader of German social democracy, a prominent member of the Marxist wing in the Second International.

Singer joined the Social Democratic Party in 1878, was a deputy to the Reichstag (the lower house of the German parliament) from 1884 to 1911, and was elected a member of the board of the Social Democratic Party in 1887 and chairman of the board in 1890. V. I. Lenin highly valued Singer as an uncompromising fighter for the cause of the working class.


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New York-based Monarch specializes in distressed companies, while Elliott Capital is run by Paul Singer, the billionaire and activist investor.
Wilkerson's original piece, since amended by the Times, left little need for guessing: Sheldon Adelson and Paul Singer, Jewish billionaires, funneling money into groups like the Foundation for Defense of Democracies in order to spread falsehoods, agitate for war, and subject America's national security interests to their own.
SFC), a Philadelphia, Pennsylvania-based "hard money" lender, and Paul Singer, SFC's sole officer, director and shareholder, with operating an illegal and unregistered offering of securities.
The Washington Free Beacon, a conservative online publication backed by billionaire Republican megadonor Paul Singer, said on Friday it was the original funder of the Fusion GPS project to compile opposition research on multiple Republican presidential candidates, including Trump.
And critics are right in saying the Clinton camp should have disclosed a long time ago that it took over paying for the dossier after the original source of funding --billionaire Paul Singer, funder of the conservative Washington Free Beacon--pulled out.
Paul Singer - $23 million Another hedge fund manager, Singer (http://www.
Bush, as well as another $2,700 and $2,000 from GOP megadonors Paul Singer and Joe Ricketts, respectively.
20 after Elliott Capital, the firm run by activist investor Paul Singer, disclosed a stake.
and Paul Singer of Elliot Management, whose hedge funds had flocked into the dollar store sector on the chains' rapid emergence as an alternative to Walmart for millions of bargain-seeking shoppers.
Hedge fund manager Paul Singer bought an insurance policy on iHeartMedia's $21 billion-plus debt and would have been in a position to profit if the broadcaster had gone into default, reports the New York Post.
Paul Singer of Elliott Management took a different line saying that post-2009 crash there has been far too much reliance on central bank action, and not enough structural reform and he wanted to see better policies on issues like tax, education and fostering technology that would have a more permanent effect of growth.
Late Friday, billionaire Republican donor and staunch Israel supporter Paul Singer announced his endorsement of Rubio for the Republican nomination.