Peace Corps

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Peace Corps,

agency of the U.S. government, whose purpose is to assist underdeveloped countries in meeting their needs for trained manpower. The Peace Corps was established in 1961 by executive order of President Kennedy; Congress approved it as a permanent agency within the Dept. of State the same year. Peace Corps volunteers serve for two-year periods. Currently volunteers serve in more than 70 countries in such areas as agriculture; the teaching of languages, mathematics, and science; vocational training; business and public administration; and natural resource development. In 1981 the Peace Corps was made an independent agency. The program now also sends volunteers to the former Soviet-bloc nations and Communist nations and tries to attract more people with technical training or special skills, particularly in agriculture. In 2005 volunteers were deployed in the United States for the first time, in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.


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Peace Corps

U.S. agency devoted to assisting underdeveloped nations. [Am. Hist.: Van Doren, 575–576]
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Isakson introduced the Nick Castle Peace Corps Reform Act of 2018 with U.
If the Peace Corps is allowed to exist, hundreds of youths will be employed.
For his part, Botswana Peace Corps country director, Mr Tim Hartman said altruism was the main factor evident in the work of volunteerism that the American Peace Corps were demonstrating aimed at benefiting communities in Botswana.
After obtaining a bachelor's degree from the University of Virginia, she volunteered for the Peace Corps in Korea, which was her favorite country.
According to him, the evacuation of 103 Peace Corps serving in the 15 counties of Liberia was indeed a great loss as the Ebola crisis intensified across the country, adding that the presence of the volunteers in Liberia at this time, demonstrates the strong and enduring partnership of the United States and its commitment to Liberia's post-Ebola recovery.
Ambassador Stephanie Sullivan, who taught English as a Peace Corps volunteer in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), credits the Peace Corps for helping her succeed at the Department.
He joined the Peace Corps in July and was assigned to Namibia.
They had to contrast their own visions with those held by local people and institutions, many of which had been working in community development long before the Peace Corps was created in 1961.
The couple underwent Peace Corps training, including an outward-bound course in Puerto Rico, described as "extremely rigorous".
Peace Corps volunteers are assigned to specific projects on the basis of their skills, education, and experience.
annual funding request for the Peace Corps, efforts to reauthorize the
By word of mouth, UO-based Peace Corps recruiter Hannah Klausman said.