Peacock Throne

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Peacock Throne:

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, union territory and city, N central India. The union territory, officially the National Capital Territory of Delhi (2001 provisional pop. 13,782,976), 573 sq mi (1,484 sq km), is on the Delhi plain, which is crossed by the Yamuna River and stretches between the Aravalli
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All of these personages remain standing, except the mollahs, and are so placed as to form a lane the entire length of the audience-hall, up which the Shah-in-Shah proceeds with stately steps and seats himself on the carpet of pearls before the peacock throne.
In one of his works he portrays Shah Jahan's peacock throne, one of the most enigmatic treasures of history, as a time machine.
They were sitting on what looked like a modern-day peacock throne.
As Nadir Shah took away the famous Peacock throne, of Saharan, it was replaced with a replica which was decorated with fake pearls and diamonds.
Topkapi Palace includes a museum of priceless treasures, including a Peacock Throne now confirmed to belong to Nadir Shah of Iran and built in India during Nadir Shah's invasion of Delhi.
For most of us that civilization is shrouded in a golden haze: Persepolis the Peacock Throne and Omar Khayyam come to mind a Cyrus Darius or Xerxes (perhaps more than one of each) are only just remembered.
And it was British forces in Iran under General Edmund Ironside (later commander of British land forces during the Second World War) that helped put Reza Shah (father of Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, the Shah overthrown in the Islamic revolution of 1979) on the Peacock throne.
But also there are many stunning jewels like Noor al-Ein Tiara, the ShahAAEs coronation belt which is ornamented by a large emerald, and the fabulous Peacock Throne.
POTTERY peacocks date from the time when Iran was known as the Peacock Throne.
To secure a foothold for democracy in the region-and keep oil flowing at an Anglo-American price-Uncle Sam placed Mohammad Reza Shah back on the Peacock Throne.
Nasr certainly is not longing for a return to a Western-influenced peacock throne, nor does he speak in reverent tones about Arab nationalism.
She drove a pink Cadillac, dyed her pet canary pink and was photographed for Business Week seated on a peacock throne surrounded by hunky men.